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All indicated prices are subject to change at any time.

Goods are intended as delivered ex works.
Goods will be shipped using the most appropriate means of transport.
Even when goods are shipped free destination, they will travel at customer’s risk.
Any shortage or damage to the goods must be notified directly to the carriers.

Free of charge.

The order may be fulfilled in several consignments.
Any cancellations of orders or remaining balances must be notified to AquaFun AB within 15 days from the order date; afterwards we will consider the order or the order balance as being automatically confirmed.
If a product is not in stock, we will advise when it is in stock again.
We cannot provide information on delivery times.
Any product in backorder will be shipped freight free.
The delivered goods remain property of AquaFun AB till payment is received.

To assist in the orders preparation, we reserve the right to change the quantities, to bring them into line with standard packaging.

Unless otherwise agreed, payment will have to be made according to the following terms: Bank receipt at 30 days net.
In case of non-payment at the agreed due date, the interest on overdue payment will be charged at the current official rate of interest.
Any complaints will not suspend the obligation of payment.
In case of any controversy, the place of lawful jurisdiction will be Malmö, Sweden.

Complaints or returns:
Any complaint concerning the quantity, quality and type of the supplied goods must be submitted within eight days from the date of receipt. Correct supplied product can only be returned, if this has been agreed prior to delivery. Product returned for credit, will be deducted 15% of the invoice price. Any returns will have to be authorized and shipped free destination. Only new not used product in original undamaged packaging will be accepted.

All goods under repair, whether under or without warranty, must be sent free destination and will be returned cash on delivery.

12 month warranty. However, warranty claims will be invalid if the damage is due to wear, unnecessary overloading, incorrect assembly during use, maintenance or repair, or not caused by manufacturing defects. All goods sent back with claims will be tested. If no there is no warranty defect error, we will charge an hourly rate of 95,- Euro.

Minimum order:
Due to an increase in operating costs, orders for less than 200,- Euro, (VAT and transportation excluding), will not be fulfilled.

Any purchase in this webshop is at your own risk and responsibility.
AquaFun AB reserve for sold out items, delivery times, misplaced images and changes in exchange rates.

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